The Designers behind PERFORMANCE COLORS

NORA KÜHNER fashion design consulting (Germany)
Nora Kühner is a freelance design consultant and trend forecaster. In a world marked by technological advances and a growing dematerialization her major focus in design is on the right balance between technology and people's needs. She is passionate about tracking carefully socio-cultural shifts and their influence on the sports sector, bringing her insights to the industry by Expert Talks and trend publications.

Felicia Tarricone (Italy)
Felicia Tarricone is a designer fascinated by the wonderful world of colors. For many years she worked as a fashion designer for children's clothing. Currently she works as a freelance designer and color consultant. Curiosity, passion, perseverance form the basis of her studies in color design which are in continuous evolution.

Altria Design (Lithuania)
Berta Ruskoniene runs this design studio where designers and marketing specialists team up to develop innovative solutions for the sports sector. It is the first studio of this kind in the Baltic States focusing on creativity, functionality and the client's commercial success.

C.I.A. Centro Ideazione Abbigliamento (Italy)
For more than four decades Mirella Becucci has been active as a designer, consultant and technical expert in the fields of swimwear/bodywear/sportswear. Her unique expertise focuses on technical research, design, sampling and production processes – combined with special attention to performance requirements and socio-cultural trends. She is a frequent speaker in workshops on colors, materials and lifestyle.

ConSiequenz (Germany)
Cornelia Sievers is an experienced freelance designer who has been working for national and international clients in the fashion & sports sector. Her studio's core competences comprise concept & design of collections, CAD pattern construction and production management. She is enthusiastic both about sports and design and understands how to combine design and pattern for performance wear.

Gabi Altrock. Design that works. (Germany)
Gabi Altrock develops sports & functional fashion. She designs from life experience: A licensed ski-instructor, experienced hiker, keen motor and mountain biker, beach volleyballer and fitness, she keeps exploring the world of motion. It has provided her with a deep understanding for what is demanded of 'active' fashion. A knowledge that she transforms into design – design, that works.

M. Pier C. Design s.r.l. (Italy)
A style studio, design center and communication agency established in Treviso in 1991 by Pier Callegarini, designer & artistic director. The specialized team's primary objective is to reach excellence in every project. Enriched by a constant research of materials, technologies and trends, and with particular attention to ethical principles. M. Pier C. design is: Mission, Passion, Innovation, Ethics, Respect, Creativity and design®.

Federica Torricelli Fashion Sport Design (Italy)
Federica Torricelli is an experienced freelance designer developing projects in the field of sports and function. For many years she was active in alpine skiing compe- titions. The extensive experiences gathered during this period of her life and her love for “active” fashion are the pillars of her design approach. She is committed to the development of hiking, alpine and cross country skiing gear. Besides, she loves to take up creative challenges in the fields of golf and yoga, her favourite hobbies.

Carle A. Bordini Bellandi (Italy)
Color expert and consultant, her study and research stretch from the cultural and sociological aspect of contemporary life to the visual one, helped by the use of her photography. Color – related to fashion, textiles and interior in particular – has always been the main area of her interest, that she likes to convey to different audience types through lectures. She has been directing Italian and foreign leading companies in the textile field for 20 years.

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