Value of Manufacturing Flexibility


Wednesday 18th April 2018

14:45 - 15:45

Presentation Area, Hall 7, 2nd Floor

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Finding the manufacturing sweet spot in an expensive economy. Local production can be competitive for high-margin fashion products and they can provide a foundation for a responsive supply chain. Producing locally also enables greatly improved sustainability and increases potential for innovation.
When to produce locally and invest into manufacturing flexibility? How to make a competitive strategy for local manufacturing? What are the sustainability benefits and how to make use of the innovation opportunities? These questions will be addressed by this talk. We will make a case for faster, more sustainable and profitable future garment supply chains.

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About the orator

Mr Lauri Saarinen

University of Lausanne, Faculty of Business and Economics


Lauri Saarinen is a lecturer, doctoral researcher and consultant in operations strategy and supply chain management. He is researcher at the operations research lab Oplab, which focuses on the value of manufacturing flexibility and responsiveness. Oplab’s research has been adopted in the industry and policy side and for example the US Department of Commerce has made it prominently available. His ambition is to help manufacturing companies achieve competitiveness and sustainability through flexible and local operations.

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