Smart Textronics: Adding Function from Fibre to Fabric


Thursday 09th November 2017

12:45 - 13:45

Presentation Area, Hall 7, 2nd Floor

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The demand for smart textiles increases continuously. Until 2020 an annual market growth of 20 % is estimated. The technology readiness reached a level of several functional demonstrators, but production technology in order to establish high volume serial production has still to be developed. The ITA focusses on developments with the aim for high technological readiness levels and up-scaling along the textile process chain.

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About the orator

Mr Benjamin Mohr

Institut für Textiltechnik RWTH Aachen


After finishing his Master of Sience in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Polymer and Textileengineering, Benjamin Mohr started working as a phd-candidate at the ITA RWTH Aachen in December 2015. His research topic focusses on polymer optical fibers for illumination purposes.

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