Innovative Textile Sourcing


Wednesday 18th April 2018

12:45 - 13:45

Presentation Area, Hall 7, 2nd Floor

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There is a renewed interest in material processes and an urgency to understand what products are made of. Creating awareness of the real value of products is starting with the focus on material. How to integrate the textiles awareness into product design, putting attention to the right balance between technology and creativity. With the ‘4-OPTIONS innovative textile sourcing’ we create personalized material solutions for companies specialised in technical textiles related products. To be EFFICIENT - UP TO DATE – INNOVATIVE – CREATIVE – INFORMED.

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About the orator

Ms Anne-Marie van Hoof


Creative Director

Anne-Marie van Hoof is a creative professional with more than 25 years of experience in the global Textile, Fashion and Design Industry. She has been creative director of an international operating trend office, with a strong expertise in trend forecasting and product design since 2001. Anne-Marie is a regular speaker at seminars sharing her knowledge concerning the technical textile market. Being a co-editor and lecturer of the educational program ‘eye on fashion’ ‘eye on innovation’ and ‘eye on awareness’ has led to various connections with companies, associations and several art and design academies/universities based in Europe and Asia.

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