Cooling Fabrics – Tested, Approved, Working!


Thursday 19th April 2018

09:45 - 10:45

Presentation Area, Hall 7, 2nd Floor

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The talk will focus on the science behind thermophysiological cooling and the methods to quantify the evaporative cooling power of performance fabrics including WATson, Hohenstein’s proprietary technology that accurately measures a fabric’s claimed evaporative heat loss, i.e., cooling power. This test system can replicate a wide variety of custom climates and set-ups while measuring the textile’s ability to process moisture (sweat) and support the evaporative heat loss. The result is a comprehensive dataset that reliably measures how products will perform once consumers wear them in real life.

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About the orator

Mr Dr. Jan Beringer

Hohenstein Group

Scentific Expert, Life Science and Care

After studying chemistry with a special focus on textile and fiber chemistry at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Beringer started his career 2003 at the Hohenstein Institute. After heading the R&D of the Department of Function and Care he is now responsible internationally for industry and special project since 2016. Dr. Beringer has extensive knowledge in textile and fiber chemistry, clothing physiology, fit and workmanship of garments, functionalization of fabrics, textile UV protection, textile reprocessing.

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