Bio-end-of-life of textiles


Thursday 27th April 2017

12:45 - 13:45

Presentation Area next to the PERFORMANCE FORUM

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This presentation will address the technical differences between home and industrial composting and how they impact the rate and extent of (bio)degradation of textile products and materials. Similarly, also degradation in soil and fresh and marine water will be discussed, focusing both on the parameters affecting the textiles’ (bio)degradation rate, as well as on intentional vs. unintentional disposal. For each bio-end-of-life option both the basics as well as some common misunderstandings will be addressed. Finally, also an update will be given on the current standardization and legislation landscape, with, obviously, a specific focus on textiles, after which also the opportunities and challenges for fabrics will be tackled.

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About the orator

Mr Sam Deconinck


Marketing & Sales Manager

Sam Deconinck holds a Masters degree in Bioscience Engineering from the State University of Ghent in Belgium. Since 2009 he leads the Marketing and Sales team of OWS’ contract research laboratory and is responsible for providing customers with tailored advise on biodegradability and compostability testing and certification. He has been representing OWS in the Advisory Committee of the Seedling mark at European Bioplastics, BPI’s newly established Standards and Procedures Committee, ISO TC61 (Plastics) SC5 WG22 on Biodegradability, ISO TC38 (Textiles) WG30 on Tests on Biodegradability and the Board of Directors of Belgian BioPackaging.

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