Wear More. Wash Less® presented by Polygiene


Wednesday 08th November 2017

10:00 - 11:00

2nd floor, room number: R04

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At his previous position at Patagonia, Steve worked alongside Polygiene in establishing a consumer study how reducing one wash load per week will, over the course of a year, save you time, energy and have a major environmental impact. The presentation will address the metrics and research that went into the study and bring more light to the environmental impact of the garment industry and how through certain technologies, our impact can be mitigated.

Workshop room:                               R04 (2nd floor)
Maximum capacity:                          25 participants
Workshop fee:                                   free admission
Email your application form to:        marketing@polygiene.com

About the workshop organizer

Steve Richardson

Materials Innovation and Sustainability

Steve Richardson (Former Director of Materials Sustainability & Innovation at adidas and Patagonia’s Director of Material Development) is currently involved in conducting life cycle assessments with the goal of establishing environmental impact metrics to enhance future material selection and innovation. Polygiene®, the brand presenting the workshop, is a natural and permanent odor control technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This allows you to wear your garment multiple times, that cuts your laundry time and helps conserve water.

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