WarmFil™ - Self Heating Yarn Solution


Wednesday 28th November 2018

16:00 - 16:30

Room number: P08

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WarmFil is a true textile heating (up to 12 deg C positive delta) solution powered by an unlimited source of energy that requires no hard connection; the Infra-Red rays of the sun.   A proven solution that works and can be combined with many other benefits.  Come and see for yourself and see how it can be integrated in your sportswear garments.


Workshop room: P08
Maximum capacity: 15 participants
Workshop fee: free of charge
Registration Email to: dquintal@filspec.com 


About the workshop organizer

Sébastien Couture


Director of Innovations

FilSpecTM is a world leader in manufacturing high-performance technical yarns adapted to the needs of its clients.  FilSpec use natural, artificial, and synthetic fibres, to produce a wide variety of compositions and fibre blends to create technical yarns. FilSpec serve an industrial customer base that includes manufacturers of protective and athletic clothing, gloves, stockings, for outdoor furniture, etc. using knitters, weavers, manufacturers of narrow fabrics and ropes, dyeing mills, twisting companies, and sewing thread manufacturers. 

Sébastien Couture has been with FilSpec since its creationin 2004 and he is a highly recognized reference by North American textile companies.  Innovation in yarn design and manufacturing is in his DNA.  

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