Comfort, Touch and Feel


Wednesday 28th November 2018

10:00 - 10:45

Room number: P09+P10

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Learn about thermal comfort, moisture management, human thermoregulation and how the processes of interaction with the environment and the apparel work. These processes are given by the laws of nature i.e. physics and work and apply for all human beings the same all over the world. The existing physical testing methods and their application in different wearing scenarios are explained and guidance is given what these results actually mean and how they correlate with the human perception and impact on thermoregulation.

Workshop room: P09+P10
Maximum capacity: 25 participants
Workshop fee: free of charge
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About the workshop organizer

Dr. Jan Beringer


After studying chemistry with a special focus on textile and fiber chemistry at the University of Stuttgart, Dr. Beringer started his career 2003 at the Hohenstein Institute. After heading the R&D of the Department of Function and Care he’s now responsible internationally for industry and special project since 2016. Dr. Beringer has extensive knowledge in textile and fiber chemistry, clothing physiology, fit and workmanship of garments, functionalization of fabrics, textile UV protection, textile reprocessing.

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