Smarter Yarns


Wednesday 08th May 2019

13:45 - 14:45

Expert Talk Area

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Engineering new properties into a yarn or sewing thread can be a challenge in itself but it can also shape the functions of a fabric or garment. From rethinking a fabric from the yarn up to innovation in sewing and embroidery yarns, the foundations of performance rest on the surprising possibilities of these fine filaments.

Moderator: Sophie Bramel


Steffen Meiler, Commercial Director Central Europe, Coats Thread Company
Lorenzo Rescali, Executive Director, Byr International (Solucell Air)
Daniela Antunes, Business Development Manager, Solvay GBU Fibras
Leyre Quibus, Marketing Manager, Nurel

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About the orator

Ms Sophie Bramel


Independent Journalist

Sophie Bramel is a freelance journalist who has been writing on smart textiles, sportswear and fashion for the past twenty years. Consultant Technical Editor for World Sports Activewear (WSA), she has also authored several books on the history, development and future of functional fibers and fabrics.

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