Creating New Values with Textile


Thursday 14th November 2019

16:15 - 17:00

Expert Talk Area

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Are you ready for the textile ‘revolution’ when sustainability drives innovation? Do you want to lead your businesses and products in a raw material oriented direction, introducing a more sustainable or circular way of working? Will it help inspire and inform you about seasonal and future solutions in textile? If you have better insights would it be easier to make the right textile choices? This Expert Talk helps you to understand the possibilities of textile in every aspect of your product. 

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About the orator

Ms Anne-Marie van Hoof


Creative Director

Anne-Marie van Hoof is a creative professional with more than 25 years of experience in the global Textile, Fashion and Design Industry. She has been creative director of an international operating trend office, with a strong expertise in technical textiles since 2001. Being a co-editor and lecturer of the educational programme ‘eye on fashion’ ‘eye on innovation’ and ‘eye on awareness’ has led to various connections with companies, associations and several art and design academies/universities based in Europe and Asia.

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