Beauty Makes The Difference!


Thursday 09th May 2019

10:45 - 11:45

Expert Talk Area

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Product development in the sports sector is mainly centering around criteria like functionality, newness, competitive pricing, feasibility, timelines, minimum quantities, and speeding up the whole process. Beauty is not seen as a key factor for successful products and branding, it is rather regarded as sheer superficiality which has nothing to do with performance products. Yet this attitude has been spreading in more fields than just in sports – a world driven by numbers and codes, with standardized products and optimized structures has deeply neglected the very human desire for
beauty and emotion.

Nora Kühner invites you to discover with her why beauty matters and how beauty can make the difference in oversaturated markets. She provides a detailed round-up of need-to-know currents and visionary ideas bringing about a beautiful world of sports. Join in!

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About the orator

Ms Nora Kühner


Independent Fashion & Design Consultant

Munich-based Nora Kühner is an experienced freelance apparel designer mainly working for the sports industry. Since 2001 she has been focusing on trend & color consultancy, conceptual design services and brand building. As a frequent speaker at major sports trade fairs and design schools, Nora presents trends from colors to social tendencies and more.

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