Advanced Textiles & Market Opportunities


Wednesday 28th November 2018

14:45 - 15:45

Expert Talk Area

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In this session panellists will discuss the development of advanced textiles, technologies and other fibre-based innovations with relation to their own experiences and the wider industry’s. As consumers continue to demand more from their clothing, we consider the plausibility for multi-functional apparel innovations to be introduced to the mainstream markets and whether garment manufacturers face any challenges in doing so. Finally, we will hone in on the panellists’ own ambitions within this rapidly evolving, tech-forward marketplace and how they anticipate the sector to change over the coming years.

Panel discussion speakers include:
Moderator: Mr. Chris Remington
Andreas Lanyi (M.Sc.), VP SmartWear & IoT, LunativeLab
Gary Smith, CEO, Polartec
Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President & Managing Director Europe & Asia, PrimaLoft
Jurgita Sirvydaite, Sales Manager, JCS LTP

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About the orator

Mr. Chris Remington



Chris Remington is the Editor of Textile Evolution (T.EVO) Magazine, which focuses on the latest technical textile developments and disruptive technology breakthroughs from across the industry’s supply chains. A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, Chris reports live from leading international textile trade shows, shedding light on product launches and speaking with professionals from across various markets. He also contributes to other MCL publications including Ecotextile News.

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