The 3 C’s for organic online growth: Community, Content, Collaborations

Wednesday 09th December 2020

12:00 - 12:45 CET

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Learn how to implement the 3 C’s and how to organically grow online without blowing your marketing budget on ads. Walk away from the talk knowing why a strong, loyal community is the backbone of business revenue and how you can create your own. Learn why every brand should be its own media house and how to manage that. Understand why collaborations are the fastest way to organically widen your audience and bringing in new target customers to your business. In this talk, you’ll also get the key components to finding successful collaborators. The new reality craves creative ideas and new approaches to succeed in business 2021 and beyond.

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About the orator

Ms Ana & Klas Kristiansson



KrissCo is an international fashion business and design consulting firm specializing in scaling sustainable global product-based brands to meet future demands. Helping brands, from funded start-ups to multi-million dollar brands with:

We will help your vision come to life by creating a collection that strengthens your design language, voice, and brand aesthetic.

We’ll help you launch or reposition your brand by nailing your why, values & mission, and strengthening it through powerful brand identity, visuals, and storytelling for scalable growth.

Strengthen your strategies to grow your visibility, have a maximum market impact, and create a successful growth path to take your sales to the next level.

Create a successful growth path for your brand by managing your fashion brand in an effective and efficient way. We help you implement strategies, systems, and structures for organic growth.

Meet the future by implementing and strengthening your sustainability and responsibility efforts with our extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and experts.

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