The forum fabrics are categorized by use of the material. Click on the categories below to discover the categories by season, its products and producer as well as to contact the supplier or to request samples.

These products are specially chosen by the PERFORMANCE FORUM JURY. The category is dedicated each event to a changing FOCUS TOPIC. The JURY consists of experts from fabric technology, sports design, independent experts from universities, textile consulting managers and purchasing departments from different brands.
Baselayer includes all fabrics which are suitable to be worn directly on the skin – mostly knits. They have good moisture transport, cooling or warming effects, and can have finishings like UV-protection, anti odor or quick dry. They are for use in sports underwear, base- or single-layer.
These textiles are intended for use between the outer- and base layers. They are used for warmth retention and include mainly fleece, spacer or other knitted fabrics. They can be brushed or bonded, but cannot be coated or laminated.
These fabrics are worn as outer- or mid-layer as a softshells for example. They can be elastic and are mostly bonded knits or sometimes bonded woven. Windproof or wind-permeable, water repellent and sometimes even waterproof, the fabrics are mostly used for jackets or pants.
2.5 & 3LAYER
This category shows fabrics used for the outer layer of the functional garment system. 2.5layer are fabrics consisting of an outer fabric plus a lamination or coating plus a print or flock. 3layer fabrics are constructions of a lamination/coating between two fabrics. Both 2.5- and 3layers are tapeable, waterproof, and breathable. These highly functional fabrics are used for jackets or pants.
The 2layer fabrics are used for the outer layer of the functional garment system. They are woven and either laminated or coated. They can be elastic and must be breathable and waterproof for use in jackets and pants. The term “lightweight” applies if the construction is under 100g/sqm.
LIGHTWEIGHT fabrics are for highly aerobic activities. They are windproof, single layer fabrics, with or without a coating and lighter than 100g/sqm..
DOWNPROOF fabrics are for use with padding or down and for very low denier fibers. They are downproof by construction or ultralight coatings. It can't be said that a fabric is downproof for all kind of downs. The chosen fabric and wished down filling need to be tested to guarantee that this particular combination is downproof.
This category can be used as the second or base layer. Mostly woven they can either be of a light or heavy quality. The textiles can be elastic but also have to have functional properties such as quick dry, water repellant or breathable. They are used in sport shirts, pants and tights for outdoor, hiking, climbing, biking, ski touring, fitness, and yoga.
This category combines the requirements of sports with a fashionable casual look. Natural fibers, excellent feel and optimal comfort are characteristic of its fabrics, which are equally ideally suited for biking to the office, workout or yoga session or for completing the business outfit. Anti odor, quick dry and stretch figure prominently in the functional description.
These fabrics are well-suited for garments exposed to harsh/extreme conditions. Possible functionalities are: Flame retardant, cut resistant, reflextive/high visibile, quick dry, UV cut +50, anti static, no pilling, no snagging, and anti odor etc. They are ideal for professional wear for firemen, police, medical staff, lumberjacks and construction workers and highly demaning outdoor sports.
This sums up the sourcing trends as shown at Functional Fabric Fair powered by PERFORMANCE DAYS in Portland and New York. The material might be fashional looking, but have yet high-functional properties as good moisture transport, cooling or warming effects and can have finishings like UV cut, anti odor or quick dry.

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