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Special: Sustainable accessories - April 2020

"Inspired by Nature" - this applies not only to yarns and fabrics. The best accessories of the PERFORMANCE FORUM are not only sustainable, but use natural raw material sources to offer particularly environmentally friendly solutions, such as bio-based adhesives. Decorative graphics can now also be produced using natural materials. There are transfer prints made from shredded autumn leaves, recycled cotton or even with the addition of chocolate - all water-based.

There are also beautiful biological innovations in buttons. The raw materials used include recycled cotton, paper or organic cotton. Patches and zipper pullers also use recycled natural materials, mostly recycled leather, or even vegan leather made from pineapple fibres. The materials are dyed with black tea or curry/curcuma.

The insulations for summer 2022 are particularly natural and sustainable, using a variety of sustainable raw materials. In addition to recycled polyester, which can almost be considered standard, natural materials are playing an increasingly important role. Thus, the new insulations feature many blends with hemp, silk, kapok or merino wool. Special highlight: the insulation with recycled camel hair is particularly sustainable and at the same time luxurious.

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Special: Solution Dye - November 2019

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