Hygiene Concept

Safety and Hygiene Concept PERFORMANCE DAYS – FAQ for fair guests

(as of October 18)

In December 2021, 01-02, the concept of the PERFORMANCE DAYS is revised in a format adapted to the sanitary protocols required by recommended by the German government and designed to ensure a safe fair visit for all guests.

In general, it is not allowed to attend the fair, in case you had contact with COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days or if you have acute, non-specific symptoms and respiratory symptoms, however severe. The entry to the fairground might be denied if this is the case. Also be aware of the entry and quarantine regulations that apply before you travel to PERFORMANCE DAYS.



- Mandatory medical mask in all in- and outdoor ares.

- Distance of 1.5 meters to other people.

- Visitors who meet one of the VCR criteria (vaccinated, checked or recovered; “3G”) may enter on the fairgrounds.

Vaccination, Testing

Visitors who meet one of the VCR criteria (vaccinated, tested or recovered; “3G”) may enter on the fairgrounds. Access to trade fairs and exhibitions is subject to the presence of atleast a negative test evidence (evidence of a (negative) rapid antigen test taken 24 hours or less in advance, a negative PCR test or vaccinated or recovered, irrespective of incidence rates.

Testing Stations close to the fair ground:

Distancing Measures

An essential part of the hygiene concept is the minimum distance of 1,5 meters between persons through the entire fair grounds. The width of the hallways and traffic areas are designed in a way that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed.

Mandatory Mouth And Nose Cover

For the protection of all trade fair participants everyone on the trade fair grounds is obliged to wear mouth and nose covers (in- and outdoor areas; medical face masks; surgical masks). The only exception are designated catering areas, where all guests need to register with their contact data. For those who do not have their own masks, we will provide mouth and nose covers. Face shields are not allowed unless worn in addition to a mouth and nose cover.

Disinfection And Cleaning

We will place disinfectant dispensers at all essential points throughout the premises. Regularly touched surfaces (e.g. counters, tables, handrails) will be cleaned more frequently.

Hygiene In Sanitary Facilities

Our sanitary facilities will be cleaned at more frequent intervals. We will ensure the minimum distance for hand washing and disinfection facilities.

Sufficient Ventilation

The exhibition space is equipped with a modern ventilation system that operates with the highest possible proportion of fresh air and the lowest possible proportion of circulating air. In addition, the indoor air is increasingly replaced by fresh outdoor air.

Number Of Visitors On The Trade Fair Grounds

There is a benchmark for the number of visitors in the hall, based on the venue space. Through entry and exit scan of every single participant, we always have an eye on the number of visitors and ensure that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can always be maintained.

Regulations For Special Areas (Expert Talks, Performance Forum, Entrance Area)

The Expert Talks are an essential part of trade fairs. For the protection of all participants we will adjust the seating and the number of seats. We will not offer standing room and specify separate entrances and exits where necessary.

The PERFORMANCE FORUM area is designed to ensure a minimum distance of 1,5 meters between persons. Hand disinfection will be mandatory before and after touching any of the showcased materials. All Forum products are equipped with an QR code, so the information can be obtained contactless with a mobile device.

We will plan the entrance situation carefully and calculate passage speeds and the maximum number of people for each of our entrances. We also ensure minimum distances in the waiting areas.

Tracking Via Full Registration Of All Participants

All trade fair participants have already registered in advance via online tickets or via their exhibitor pass – including the registration with their private address - in order to receive access to the event. This is to ensure that we can quickly identify contact persons in the case of a Corona infection.
Tickets are available on mobile devices and allow contactless access.

Food Service

Our food service partner has developed a comprehensive concept for hall gastronomy and stand catering that meets all legal requirements. This includes measures such as contactless payment and registration of all guests when entering and leaving the catering area, to ensure tracking of contact persons.

Business Contact Etiquette

All fair guests are asked to avoid shaking hands with anybody during the fair. If you need to cough and sneeze, do it into your elbow. Wash your hands regularly.

Digital Offers

With a variety of digital services, we bring our customers together - not only on the trade fair grounds but also virtually. The hybrid PERFORMANCE DAYS fair offers exhibitors and visitors numerous opportunities to digitally participate in the trade fair.

Medical Care

Qualified medical care is available on-site at all times.

You can find up to date information at messe-muenchen.de/en/company/responsibilities-csr/security/

Please direct any further questions you may have to the PERFROMANCE DAYS team at info@performancedays.com.


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